Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Presidential Debate 2016 Fair or Not?

Were NBC's questions to the presidential candidates fair and equal? Not really? The hard questions for Hillary Clinton weren't asked. Lester Holt didn't ask her about the email scandal, Benghazi, nor corruption in the Clinton Foundation.

Plus, many important issues like immigration, vetting refugees, building a wall, and supreme court justices weren't mentioned. Those questions weren't asked. Debates can't inform people about the candidates stance on important issues, if those questions are left out.

When the media doesn't use a balanced scale in questioning the candidates, it sets itself in a dishonest and hypocritical position. Dishonesty isn't lacking in politics. But the moderator should promote an honest debate by asking serious questions about serious topics to both candidates.

The moderator should not show bias towards either candidate. He shouldn't show preference for a candidate. Do you think that Lester Holt and NBC stood up to the test of being fair and treating the candidates equally? Be your own judge of that, but I don' think so.

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  1. You've GOT to be kidding. The e-mail "scandal" did come up - asked and answered. We've heard more than enough about Benghazi. And the Clinton Foundation is rated by Charity Watch at an A (the Red Cross is an A-). Although if it HAD been brought up then Trump should have been held accountable for his horrible foundation. Just because a moderator didn't ask what you wanted to hear doesn't mean he wasn't treating them fairly or equally. Maybe if Donald didn't blather on incoherently Lester Holt would have been able to get more questions in.