Friday, July 29, 2016

San Benito Unified School District Tries Unlawful Overreach

In San Benito, California, parents that home school their high school age children, recently got a letter stating that home schooling isn't legal, but in 2008 it was established in court that it is legal.  The Home School Legal Defense Fund corrected them in a letter that it is considered a private school by law and is therefore a legal exemption to public education.

This is another instance of albeit a lesser part of the government, but still part of it that influences the minds and hearts of children, trying to interfere with the decisions of parents regarding their children. It is government overreach at the most basic level, trying to take parental control away.

God created the family and put parents in charge of their children. Let us fight to keep it that way.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

NBA and North Carolina in Opposition Concerning Restrooms

The National Basketball Association has taken a stance against the North Carolina law that stops men from using women's restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. The NBA won't hold its All Star Game of 2017 in Charlotte because it thinks it is discriminating against the LGBT.

Whatever happened to common decency? Where has common sense gone? How does protecting the privacy and safety of women and girls harm anyone?

Western Journalism reported an alarming incident worth noting in defense of separate public restrooms. Its report of 5/14/16 explains that a man went into the women's restroom at Jason's Deli in Chicago and nearly choked an 8-year old girl to death. In the days of normal restroom usage, it is likely that someone would have taken notice of a man going into a women's restroom. Someone might have said,"Excuse me, but your going into the wrong restroom."

Someone saying that would probably have stopped him from going in the wrong restroom. If not, a stronger message from a manager could have stopped it. But in these abnormal days, he just waltzed in and attacked the little girl.

If it seems to some that just telling someone that he is going into the wrong restroom wouldn't have  stopped him, then let me explain that people used to be embarrassed when they almost went into the wrong restroom. Plus, it was an unwritten rule, a code of conduct that was followed, so anyone trying to balk the rule, would have been under immediate suspicion.

This isn't the only case and it won't be the last until public restrooms are designated by gender once again.

Cisgender: A Word of Confusion

The sexual revolution advocates have coined another word to try to explain their confused stance on gender. The word is cisgender.

A Yahoo search for "gender" yields pictures at the top of the page. The pictures are symbols of what, male and female, what else? But soon the pictures may be a hodge-podge of newly made symbols that reflect Western society's growing befuddlement.

Back to cisgender. What does it mean? Basically, it means normal. Some synonyms for normal are sane, natural, and standard. We already have the word normal and its synonyms in usage. Why was this new word coined?

This is the Wikipedia explanation for cisgender: "people whose experiences of their own gender agree with the sex they were assigned at birth."

Some people are confused, if we need new words to explain the norm. That people are born male and female is a biological reality. It is not a gender assignment. Gender cannot be chosen. Normal also means sane. Western socially is in dire need of a good dose of saneness.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Restroom Dispute: Detective Fired at Macy's

Do you believe we live in a world where there are restroom policies? Just a short time ago, and for the many years before then, people knew which public restroom to use. There was no problem.

But now there is a problem. Human beings that are physically men and their DNA will always say they are men are disturbing and frightening women and girls. But that is okay with Macy's. It isn't okay with Macy's to defend these innocent women and girls.

Apparently, it also isn't okay with Macy's to live your principals or religion. Javier Chavez says he was fired because he said men using the women's restroom was contrary to his Catholic faith. He did say he would enforce the policy, though he disagreed with it. Also, he wasn't informed of the new policy until after the incident.

New York State Law was violated and the First Amendment, when Macy's fired Mr. Chavez. Let's pray he wins his case.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Religious Freedom Advocates Are Sitting Ducks

You may remember the shooting gallery ducks at a state fair. Ping! The duck goes down. That's what it is like for Christians that live their faith while conducting business.

Washington state demands that all pharmacies sell abortifacient drugs. The Supreme Court didn't hear the Storman's case. Their pharmacy doesn't sell Plan B. They tell the customer where she can go to get it at thirty nearby pharmacies. As Archbishop William E. Lori stated in Our Sunday Visitor there isn't an access problem.

So what is the problem? The problem is the secularist movement that wants to revoke religious freedom as guaranteed by the constitution. But for the Storman family or other Christian business people to exercise their right of conscience doesn't revoke the right of a woman to get contraception. Said woman just needs to go a little farther down the street to get it.

That is not much to ask. It is a bit of inconvenience.

But Washington state's regulations of 2007 say that all drug stores must stock all drugs approved by the FDA. Ping! A pharmacist can refuse to fill the prescription, if another druggist is present that will fill the order. Ping! But a pharmacy run by Christians wouldn't allow the abortifacient in the store. The pharmacist isn't allowed to suggest another nearby drug store. Ping!

The Christian pharmacist rights to live his principals have been stomped. It is a bloody path.