Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Bickering

Debate and                                                    Not                                                                                   

Dialogue Three

The Bickering

Characters: Mr. Match Mooting and Quibell Gainsay

"What a lovely day."
"Lovely? It's raining," said Quibell.
"But a light rain."
"Well, my hair will frizz."
"It looks pretty even when it frizzes as you say."
"Get real. Why are you so happy about a rainy day?"
"It is the day the Lord has made," said Match.
"Well yes, if you say so."
"Still you do not believe."
"You know I don't believe or disbelieve."
"Like sitting on the fence do you?"
"That sounds like a personal attack. Supposedly, you don't like those."
"It is just a question. Sorry if I offended you."
"Okay. But you're wasting your time. You can't prove God exists," said Quibell.
"You can't prove he does not. But do you believe anything is true?"
"It's true that you are a pain and that you babble about what you can't prove."
"More concretely, is it true that you live on Bond Avenue?"
"You know I do. That's factual. This man in the sky of yours is doubtful."
"So you know something to be absolutely true. You acknowledge that," Match questioned.
"Certainly. Don't be ridiculous. I know where I live."
"You have admitted absolute truth exists."
"Wait. Don't twist my words."
"I did not."
"I can see Bond Avenue. You're trying to get me to believe in something I can't see."
"We do not need to know if something exists for it to exist." Match said.
"What do you mean?"

"People did not always know that molecules exist."
"That's scientific. It's been proven."
"True. But they existed without our knowledge."
"Certainly. They are material in nature."

"Where did molecules come from?"
"I don't know. Evolution, I guess."

"Fossils then. Fossils are proof of evolution."
"Fossils do not take place in an order of simple to complex. The record is shown as a column. The fossils do not happen in that order. "
"So you know more than scientists." Said Quibell.
"I am summarizing from scientists. Students are fooled into believing this is actual data. But it is a column presenting the fossil record in a false manner."
"What do you mean?"
"The fossils at the base are the same as animals today. It is not simple to complex like they say."
"You really are presumptuous."
"But the vertebrates make a case as I remember."
"An exception and very fragmentary. They say that life sprang from a common ancestor or ancestors."
"What's the problem? It's science. That's you're problem."
"The Cambrian System shows a quick burst of life. Quickly, with the omission of common ancestors each phylum is created."
"I don't believe you. The ancestors will be found."
"Who is believing something without proof now?"


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's Relative Only Because

Debate and Not                                       

Dialogue Two

"It's Relative Only Because"

Characters: Mr. Ishbak Knot and Mr. Match Mooting

"It is relative only because it happened to you."
"What's that you're saying? Of course, it happened to me."
"You're argument that morality is relative," said Match.
"Look here. He filched my car."

"Maybe stealing is bad is not part of his moral paradigm."
"That's absurd. Everyone knows stealing is wrong," said Ishbak.
"Not when we get to pick and choose and discard some of the commandments."
"There you go again. Sneaking God the Invisible into the discussion. Can't you function without you're pretend friend?"
"Yes. I can function without a pretend friend? But I'm not pretending when I mention God or his commandments."
"Rubbish," opposed Ishbak.
"The theory of relativity applies to science, not morals. Do you not agree, now that he has your car? You said stealing is wrong," countered Match.
"God has nothing to do with it."
"True. He has no hand in theft."

It's In the Heart

Debate and Not                                                     

Dialogue One

"It's In the Heart"

Characters: Mr. Ishbak Knot and Mr. Match Mooting

Boom! Cracking. Rumbling.
"Thunder. That sound is a miracle," said Match.
"It's just a shock wave," disputed Ishbak.
"Which is it? I say both. It is a shock wave. Still. It is a miracle. Only God can create thunder. Any approximation and that is what it would be..."
"Don't give me that pigswill." Ishbak rolled his eyes and shook his head.
"How do you feel about your opinion?"
"What's this about feelings? Now I know you're soft in the head."
"Oh. You do not have an answer?" Match asked and popped a grin.
"I don't feel anything. You don't feel about an opinion."
"You do remember, a few minutes ago, you called my opinion pigswill?"
A weak emotional argument. Then you accused me of being soft in the head. Those negative emotions are popping out of your heart."
"When you get a debatable argument or two talk to me."

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Scoffers and the Last Days

The Bible tells what God thinks about scoffers. He says they are deceitful. Peter tells us to know this first. In 2 Peter verse 3 it says that scoffers shall come during the last days that "walk after their own lusts." The Bible tells us to walk with the Lord.

In verse 4, they question the Lord's coming back and say everything is like it always was since creation.  In verse 5, he explains they are ignorant by dint of will because they are "wilfully ignorant." It takes an act of the will to believe or to disbelieve. We are responsible for our acts of will. The scoffers are ignorant by choice. Dint has some interesting synonyms: effort, strain, exertion, and struggle according to

The Bible says that the fool says there in no God. But by effort of will and scoffing they strain, struggle, and exert themselves against the word of the Lord.

He continues in verse 5: "For this they are wilfully ignorant of, that the heavens were before, and the earth out of water, and through water, consisting by the word of God."  Verse 6  "Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished." So things haven't always been the same. He eludes to the biblical flood. He explains that everything exists by God's word which the scoffers don't believe.

Verse 7 continues saying the world that now exists will perish in fire, but for now it exists by God's word, and is retained for judgment of the ungodly and their perdition.

Peter finishes by warning the believer not to be ignorant. He says to understand that 1 day and a thousand years are the same to God. He is patient and doesn't want anyone to perish. What seems like a delay to people of the Lord's coming isn't a delay, but a display of God's patience. He wants all to repent and come to Him.

God Speaks and His Sheep Hear Him

The Lord Jesus speaks to us. The Bible says that his sheep will know his voice. This sounds ambiguous to the scoffer. The antonym for scoff is praise. So, the opposite to praise is to scoff. They are polar opposites like sin and holiness or sin and purity, and so forth.

But to those that praise Him he will speak. It may be through the small, still voice, that inner voice. He talks to believers through other believers whether in person, on radio, a video, at church, at work, and so on.

His sheep of course are the believers: Christians. They recognize His voice and they follow Him. He comes into our thoughts. He talks to us when we pray. But this requires a two-way communication.
So, the individual has to have listening time during prayer time. If we don't stop and listen, wait to hear, we will miss part of the conversation.

God touches our hearts. In Acts 16:14, a woman named Lydia is described as a seller of purple. She sells purple cloth. She listens to Paul's preaching and God touches her heart, so she would really give thought to what Paul was teaching. We see that God speaks through His word.

God speaks to us through dreams. He did this with biblical figures like Joseph, and the magi. Basically, the idea is this, God uses people and things to communicate with us, and sometimes speaks in our minds, and speaks out loud to some people.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Censored, Christmas Manger Scenes Denied

Many had tried to do it, the Grinch and other malcontents. But it had never been done. No success. But then, out of the void came an empty voice. It had no basis or support, morally.

No one really paid attention, at first. Who were these upstarts that disagreed with Christmas? How could they? Why would they?  Didn't they like "Jingle Bells" and presents? It was ascertained that they didn't dislike the songs and presents. Well, some of the songs they found inappropriate. They didn't like a certain name that many people liked very much.

There were a few of these disagreeable sorts all along. But who ever heard from them? Hardly anyone. That was good. But eventually, the voice of the void rose louder, shriller, and cruder. The empty, legless words gained a bit more audience. The colander like nonsense began to stick in more minds. It should have sifted through, recognized as deranged verbiage, but that didn't always occur.

It found its home in minds unlit. Cubicles where darkness reigned. Self-appointed word-cops proclaimed their insidious message. They gained fame. It seemed to some, they had authority. Businesses stopped employees from rejoicing with "Merry Christmas."

What? Asked the old-timers, the wise ones, those of depth. What verbal nonsense is this?

The Dead Lawyers like walking mummy's clattered and chattered. They outlawed Christmas manger scenes on public squares. The warm heartfelt hearth of the public square at Christmas, couldn't nestle the Baby anymore. Many cried tears of sorrow and rage at such injustice. Their voices were shouted down by nefarious word-cops and the Dead Lawyers.

To think that an innocent babe has been censored and Christmas Nativity scenes disrespected. 'Tis a shame. Will it get worse? Yes. But the Babe wins at story's end.