Tuesday, December 29, 2015

God Speaks and His Sheep Hear Him

The Lord Jesus speaks to us. The Bible says that his sheep will know his voice. This sounds ambiguous to the scoffer. The antonym for scoff is praise. So, the opposite to praise is to scoff. They are polar opposites like sin and holiness or sin and purity, and so forth.

But to those that praise Him he will speak. It may be through the small, still voice, that inner voice. He talks to believers through other believers whether in person, on radio, a video, at church, at work, and so on.

His sheep of course are the believers: Christians. They recognize His voice and they follow Him. He comes into our thoughts. He talks to us when we pray. But this requires a two-way communication.
So, the individual has to have listening time during prayer time. If we don't stop and listen, wait to hear, we will miss part of the conversation.

God touches our hearts. In Acts 16:14, a woman named Lydia is described as a seller of purple. She sells purple cloth. She listens to Paul's preaching and God touches her heart, so she would really give thought to what Paul was teaching. We see that God speaks through His word.

God speaks to us through dreams. He did this with biblical figures like Joseph, and the magi. Basically, the idea is this, God uses people and things to communicate with us, and sometimes speaks in our minds, and speaks out loud to some people.

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