Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Bickering

Debate and                                                    Not                                                                                   

Dialogue Three

The Bickering

Characters: Mr. Match Mooting and Quibell Gainsay

"What a lovely day."
"Lovely? It's raining," said Quibell.
"But a light rain."
"Well, my hair will frizz."
"It looks pretty even when it frizzes as you say."
"Get real. Why are you so happy about a rainy day?"
"It is the day the Lord has made," said Match.
"Well yes, if you say so."
"Still you do not believe."
"You know I don't believe or disbelieve."
"Like sitting on the fence do you?"
"That sounds like a personal attack. Supposedly, you don't like those."
"It is just a question. Sorry if I offended you."
"Okay. But you're wasting your time. You can't prove God exists," said Quibell.
"You can't prove he does not. But do you believe anything is true?"
"It's true that you are a pain and that you babble about what you can't prove."
"More concretely, is it true that you live on Bond Avenue?"
"You know I do. That's factual. This man in the sky of yours is doubtful."
"So you know something to be absolutely true. You acknowledge that," Match questioned.
"Certainly. Don't be ridiculous. I know where I live."
"You have admitted absolute truth exists."
"Wait. Don't twist my words."
"I did not."
"I can see Bond Avenue. You're trying to get me to believe in something I can't see."
"We do not need to know if something exists for it to exist." Match said.
"What do you mean?"

"People did not always know that molecules exist."
"That's scientific. It's been proven."
"True. But they existed without our knowledge."
"Certainly. They are material in nature."

"Where did molecules come from?"
"I don't know. Evolution, I guess."

"Fossils then. Fossils are proof of evolution."
"Fossils do not take place in an order of simple to complex. The record is shown as a column. The fossils do not happen in that order. "
"So you know more than scientists." Said Quibell.
"I am summarizing from scientists. Students are fooled into believing this is actual data. But it is a column presenting the fossil record in a false manner."
"What do you mean?"
"The fossils at the base are the same as animals today. It is not simple to complex like they say."
"You really are presumptuous."
"But the vertebrates make a case as I remember."
"An exception and very fragmentary. They say that life sprang from a common ancestor or ancestors."
"What's the problem? It's science. That's you're problem."
"The Cambrian System shows a quick burst of life. Quickly, with the omission of common ancestors each phylum is created."
"I don't believe you. The ancestors will be found."
"Who is believing something without proof now?"


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