Friday, January 1, 2016

The Upset of Poise

Debate and Not                                            

Dialogue Four

"The Upset of Poise"

Characters: Mr. Ishbak Knot and Mr. Match Mooting

"You upset Quibell, yesterday."
"Suppose I toppled her applecart."
"As a member of Philosophers of It All, I object."
"There is no rule against jarring another's thought. I daresay that is what the society is about."
"But about reality. Not about pretend. We aren't children," said Ishbak.
"I am a child of  the Lord."
"Will you never stop inserting God the Invisible into conversations?"
"No. We call ourselves Philosophers of It All and He made all of it."
"Despite you're delusional side, we like you too much to vote you out."
"Quite so."
"Besides, we hope to get you on the right path."
"The road of destruction is wide. Anyway, it is unbelief that is delusional."
"How so?"
"The antichrist will deceive unbelievers. It is happening now. They will not love the Truth and repent, and be saved. This means both the gospel and Jesus Christ."
 "I wish you had a real argument."
 "It is not that the unregenerate didn't hear the Truth or understand it according to Colossians. The Lord said that in the last days scoffers would come," said Match."
"I guess, you mean atheists, but we've been around for a long time."
"He infers that the rate becomes exponential as it is now."
"You can't prove that."
"A look at the news and the world shows an increase of scoffers, disbelievers, wars, and earthquakes."
"Earthquakes. Now you're delving into something solid. You should stay away from that. It's scientific."
"Yes it is and there were more earthquakes in Oklahoma in 2014 than the total for five years before that. Which was a small number. And 2015 saw more increase. Before 2014 there were few earthquakes in Oklahoma," said Match.
"So? That's just one state, and they drill for oil there."
"They do. Seismologists are documenting an increase the world over."
"Maybe we should keep you away from the news too. You're distorting it with your religious viewpoint. You're comparing the facts to a dystopian story. If you're figures are factual," said Ishbak.
"Seismic activity is measurable."
"But you're dystopian story has nothing to do with it."
"You mean the book of Revelation."
"There are many dystopian stories. Yours is just an ancient tale. By definition a dystopia is imaginary."
"Actually, it is a utopian story. Christ wins. The good wins."
"A utopia is an imaginary world too."
 "Usually, but the new world Christ creates will be real. What we have now is an increase in sin, therefore, evil is increasing."
"Oh Evel Kinevel! There isn't any such thing as sin."
"What do you call murder, theft, and lying?"
"Doing wrong."
"The Bible calls those evil deeds wrongdoing or sin."
"There you go retreating to the Bible."
"If someone steals your car, do you think that is a very reprehensible act?"
" Of course, we've talked about this before."
"Quite. That is one of the definitions of sin: a reprehensible act. See Merriam Webster."

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