Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's Relative Only Because

Debate and Not                                       

Dialogue Two

"It's Relative Only Because"

Characters: Mr. Ishbak Knot and Mr. Match Mooting

"It is relative only because it happened to you."
"What's that you're saying? Of course, it happened to me."
"You're argument that morality is relative," said Match.
"Look here. He filched my car."

"Maybe stealing is bad is not part of his moral paradigm."
"That's absurd. Everyone knows stealing is wrong," said Ishbak.
"Not when we get to pick and choose and discard some of the commandments."
"There you go again. Sneaking God the Invisible into the discussion. Can't you function without you're pretend friend?"
"Yes. I can function without a pretend friend? But I'm not pretending when I mention God or his commandments."
"Rubbish," opposed Ishbak.
"The theory of relativity applies to science, not morals. Do you not agree, now that he has your car? You said stealing is wrong," countered Match.
"God has nothing to do with it."
"True. He has no hand in theft."

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