Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's In the Heart

Debate and Not                                                     

Dialogue One

"It's In the Heart"

Characters: Mr. Ishbak Knot and Mr. Match Mooting

Boom! Cracking. Rumbling.
"Thunder. That sound is a miracle," said Match.
"It's just a shock wave," disputed Ishbak.
"Which is it? I say both. It is a shock wave. Still. It is a miracle. Only God can create thunder. Any approximation and that is what it would be..."
"Don't give me that pigswill." Ishbak rolled his eyes and shook his head.
"How do you feel about your opinion?"
"What's this about feelings? Now I know you're soft in the head."
"Oh. You do not have an answer?" Match asked and popped a grin.
"I don't feel anything. You don't feel about an opinion."
"You do remember, a few minutes ago, you called my opinion pigswill?"
A weak emotional argument. Then you accused me of being soft in the head. Those negative emotions are popping out of your heart."
"When you get a debatable argument or two talk to me."

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