Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Censored, Christmas Manger Scenes Denied

Many had tried to do it, the Grinch and other malcontents. But it had never been done. No success. But then, out of the void came an empty voice. It had no basis or support, morally.

No one really paid attention, at first. Who were these upstarts that disagreed with Christmas? How could they? Why would they?  Didn't they like "Jingle Bells" and presents? It was ascertained that they didn't dislike the songs and presents. Well, some of the songs they found inappropriate. They didn't like a certain name that many people liked very much.

There were a few of these disagreeable sorts all along. But who ever heard from them? Hardly anyone. That was good. But eventually, the voice of the void rose louder, shriller, and cruder. The empty, legless words gained a bit more audience. The colander like nonsense began to stick in more minds. It should have sifted through, recognized as deranged verbiage, but that didn't always occur.

It found its home in minds unlit. Cubicles where darkness reigned. Self-appointed word-cops proclaimed their insidious message. They gained fame. It seemed to some, they had authority. Businesses stopped employees from rejoicing with "Merry Christmas."

What? Asked the old-timers, the wise ones, those of depth. What verbal nonsense is this?

The Dead Lawyers like walking mummy's clattered and chattered. They outlawed Christmas manger scenes on public squares. The warm heartfelt hearth of the public square at Christmas, couldn't nestle the Baby anymore. Many cried tears of sorrow and rage at such injustice. Their voices were shouted down by nefarious word-cops and the Dead Lawyers.

To think that an innocent babe has been censored and Christmas Nativity scenes disrespected. 'Tis a shame. Will it get worse? Yes. But the Babe wins at story's end.

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