Thursday, July 28, 2016

NBA and North Carolina in Opposition Concerning Restrooms

The National Basketball Association has taken a stance against the North Carolina law that stops men from using women's restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. The NBA won't hold its All Star Game of 2017 in Charlotte because it thinks it is discriminating against the LGBT.

Whatever happened to common decency? Where has common sense gone? How does protecting the privacy and safety of women and girls harm anyone?

Western Journalism reported an alarming incident worth noting in defense of separate public restrooms. Its report of 5/14/16 explains that a man went into the women's restroom at Jason's Deli in Chicago and nearly choked an 8-year old girl to death. In the days of normal restroom usage, it is likely that someone would have taken notice of a man going into a women's restroom. Someone might have said,"Excuse me, but your going into the wrong restroom."

Someone saying that would probably have stopped him from going in the wrong restroom. If not, a stronger message from a manager could have stopped it. But in these abnormal days, he just waltzed in and attacked the little girl.

If it seems to some that just telling someone that he is going into the wrong restroom wouldn't have  stopped him, then let me explain that people used to be embarrassed when they almost went into the wrong restroom. Plus, it was an unwritten rule, a code of conduct that was followed, so anyone trying to balk the rule, would have been under immediate suspicion.

This isn't the only case and it won't be the last until public restrooms are designated by gender once again.

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