Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Religious Freedom Advocates Are Sitting Ducks

You may remember the shooting gallery ducks at a state fair. Ping! The duck goes down. That's what it is like for Christians that live their faith while conducting business.

Washington state demands that all pharmacies sell abortifacient drugs. The Supreme Court didn't hear the Storman's case. Their pharmacy doesn't sell Plan B. They tell the customer where she can go to get it at thirty nearby pharmacies. As Archbishop William E. Lori stated in Our Sunday Visitor there isn't an access problem.

So what is the problem? The problem is the secularist movement that wants to revoke religious freedom as guaranteed by the constitution. But for the Storman family or other Christian business people to exercise their right of conscience doesn't revoke the right of a woman to get contraception. Said woman just needs to go a little farther down the street to get it.

That is not much to ask. It is a bit of inconvenience.

But Washington state's regulations of 2007 say that all drug stores must stock all drugs approved by the FDA. Ping! A pharmacist can refuse to fill the prescription, if another druggist is present that will fill the order. Ping! But a pharmacy run by Christians wouldn't allow the abortifacient in the store. The pharmacist isn't allowed to suggest another nearby drug store. Ping!

The Christian pharmacist rights to live his principals have been stomped. It is a bloody path.

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