Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Restroom Dispute: Detective Fired at Macy's

Do you believe we live in a world where there are restroom policies? Just a short time ago, and for the many years before then, people knew which public restroom to use. There was no problem.

But now there is a problem. Human beings that are physically men and their DNA will always say they are men are disturbing and frightening women and girls. But that is okay with Macy's. It isn't okay with Macy's to defend these innocent women and girls.

Apparently, it also isn't okay with Macy's to live your principals or religion. Javier Chavez says he was fired because he said men using the women's restroom was contrary to his Catholic faith. He did say he would enforce the policy, though he disagreed with it. Also, he wasn't informed of the new policy until after the incident.

New York State Law was violated and the First Amendment, when Macy's fired Mr. Chavez. Let's pray he wins his case.

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