Thursday, April 9, 2015

Christians Bashed in Walkerton, Indiana, Memories Pizza Forced to Close

 Memories Pizza, Ridiculous Hypothetical Question

 Kevin and Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza were set up by a reporter with a 
hypothetical question. Would they serve pizzas for a gay marriage asked the reporter.

The daughter said they would have to say no. Whoever heard of pizzas catered for a wedding. This illogical and twisted question had to be meant to stir trouble. 

The response to her answer has been a mean spirited attack. Their phone began to ring constantly, and they didn't know which orders were legitimate. This phone attack was meant to close them down.

A female coach tweeted about burning down the little pizza shop. What? Is that a rational reaction to Crystal's answer?  In the United States we have freedom of speech, albeit Christians aren't allowed to voice theirs without a hateful backlash, even when asked a ridiculous question because the scenario is absurd.


Tammy Bruce advised to stop harassing Christians concerning the Religious Freedom Law of Indiana. She said they shouldn't act like bullies, an apt response to people that have harassed the O'Connors and protest constantly that nobody should bully them. Bruce said the attackers were like a wolf pack.

It is correct to say that bullies are wrong. It is right to say that no one should be bullied. Therefore, stop bullying Christians.

Bruce is a conservative gay woman and a Fox News contributor.

People concerned about the O'Connors having to close their pizza shop for awhile have been contributing funds to help them. That is a kind response.

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