Saturday, April 11, 2015

Community College of Baltimore County Refused Brandon Jenkins Application

The program director and college officials rejected Brandon Jenkins ' application because he said God was most important to him. He had answered their question: "What is most important to you?" 

He was qualified for the program, and he had outstanding scores for admission benchmarks. When he inquired about his rejection the director said his beliefs weren't suited for the field of radiation therapy. Jenkins applied in 2013.

 On 04-09-14 the ACLJ filed a lawsuit opposing the officials at the Community College of Baltimore County in Maryland. The complaint seeks to defend the First Amendment rights of Brandon Jenkins that his lawyer rightly says were violated by the college. They request also that the college doesn't discriminate against him anymore or exact retribution against Mr. Jenkins.

An alleged criminal charge from 10 years before was also cited by school officials as another reason to reject Jenkins application to the radiation therapy program. But he has been helping at a halfway house more recently. Maybe we need to give people a break when they are now trying to do good.

The college officials had agreed that he wore his religious beliefs on his sleeve. Come on. Really? Apparently, to them people are supposed to hide their religious beliefs, even if a question prompts mention of the belief. The officials said this was the main reason he was rejected from the program.

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